The Cover Up

I recently acquired a new couch for my apartment.

Long story short my roommates and I needed a couch, and I managed to find us a free one. Some seniors last spring were leaving, and they said as long as we grabbed the couch and got it out of their apartment, we could keep it. I, being the way I am, thought this was a great idea. When I saw the couch for the first time, I knew we would need a couch cover of some sort. I was warned that this would not be the prettiest couch, but man, this was one ugly couch. First of all, this couch is probably over 25 years old. I came to this conclusion based on the couch style, and the wear on the couch. The girl we were taking it from let me know that it was her aunt’s couch, but her aunt got a new one, so they inherited this couch for college. Well, eventually this couch ended up in our apartment this year, and we finally got a cover for it. It’s a soft grey cover, and it makes a world of difference. Honestly, at first glance, you wouldn’t know that it is covered. We get to enjoy the joy of a comfortable couch, but none of the ugliness. The other day when I was having a conversation with my coworker, I mentioned that I had an ugly couch, but no one could tell because I put a cover on it. I paused after that sentence and immediately knew there was a lesson in that.

How often do we cover something up because it isn’t pleasant enough for us? We cover up our true selves because we are afraid of not being accepted. We cover our sin and shame when we don’t want anyone to know about it, or if we refuse to acknowledge it ourselves. We are masters at covering up that which we don’t wish to see. But the truth is, no matter what cover is on the outside, the true thing is underneath. My couch underneath the cover is just a visually unattractive piece of furniture. The cover is just a cover. It’s true that when people walk into our room, they don’t know what is underneath the cover, but I know. I know the truth beneath the lie. That’s the thing about covering things up, no matter how much denial we might have, we will always remember what is underneath. We all have something with a couch cover on it in our lives. I guess the question I would challenge you to answer that week is: what are you trying to cover up in your life?

Note: this is not my couch, just an example.


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