Pursue Your Passions

When I started my senior year of high school, I had a lot of decisions to make. I knew where I wanted to go to college, yet I had no idea what I wanted to major in or what path I wanted to pursue with the rest of my life. Not only that, but I was still struggling with my injury to my leg as I was still unable to walk without a cane. So, with a lot of questions and a heavy limp, I started my last first day ever in Birch Run school district with a lot of uncertainty. My first day I had one class I was particularly unsure of, and that was AP biology. I had never taken an advanced placement class before, and I had a lot of doubt about whether I was capable of handling the course work involved. When I arrived in the class, the teacher handed out the syllabus and started to go over it. When we went over the syllabus, I let my fear and self-doubt win a battle they should never have won, and right there and then I decided I was not smart enough to complete that course. I went to the office that day, and I switched from a subject that I was unsure of to one I knew well, and I chose to take AP government instead. This course was still challenging, but I felt more comfortable in the social sciences department compared to the science department, and that was that.

Now let’s fast-forward to this past week, my junior year of college. I know what my major is, and unlike a majority of students, I have never changed it. I started as a dietetics major, and that is what will be on my degree when I graduate in May 2020. Also, built into my degree is a chemistry minor, and I will graduate with that as well. As it turns out, I chose a career based in science, which was something I was not sure I was capable of doing. Not only that but on Tuesday, I walked into the registrar’s office at my college and declared biology as my second minor. I have come a long way since the 17-year-old girl who did not think herself capable enough to take AP biology.

All this to tell you one thing: do not make the same mistake as I did. When I sat in class my first day of senior year of high school and looked at the syllabus, I should not have thought that this is too hard for me; instead I should have thought that I was capable of this new challenge. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you are not smart enough, connected enough, attractive enough, etc. The truth is that only you know what you are capable of, and if you decide that you want to try something new, try it! There will always be voices in this world trying to put you down, ignore them, because there is one voice that matters, and I know He believes in you. I let doubt hold me back, don’t let it do the same to you because you can do more than you ever thought yourself capable of doing. Greatness does not appear when doubt is present; rather greatness is discovered when someone overcomes that doubt and conquers it when that person spits in doubt’s face and then leaves it behind and never looks back.

Be great, pursue your passions, and never forget that you are the only one who decides what you are capable of accomplishing.


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