"It Tasted like Nostalgia with a Hint of Vanilla"

When I moved into college as a freshman, one of the conversations that came up between my roommate and I was our favorite ice cream flavor. Well, being from Michigan, I named Hudsonville blue moon as my absolute favorite ice cream. My roommate, not being from Michigan, or having prior experience with this flavor, had no idea what this flavor was or what it tasted like. If you have ever had blue moon before, you can probably join me in the club of being unable to describe the flavor. I went online to try to find a description of the flavor, and my new theory is that it must taste different to everyone because no one can agree on the flavor of blue moon. It just has something about it that makes every lick or bite or spoonful special. I'll be honest; I hyped this ice cream up to my roommate big time. Unable to describe the flavor, I just told her it was incredible ice cream — every bite an addicting burst of flavor, that kind of talk. Time went on, and I continued to live with the same person. This year will be my fourth year living with the same person, which is rare and special. It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I was finally able to buy my favorite ice cream when a Meijer was built. The day I saw that Meijer had my ice cream, my heart filled with joy, and I bought it immediately. I immediately brought it home, and I had that same roommate try it, after years of talking it up. When she took her first bite of blue goodness, she was unimpressed. To her, it just tasted like vanilla ice cream, maybe with one other flavor. I was amazed that she didn’t experience the same love of the ice cream that I did. We moved on from that and acknowledged that we have different tastes in ice cream.

Last night I bought myself a carton of blue moon, and as I sat at the table with my ice cream, my roommate told me that she still doesn't understand the hype. She once again told me she thought it was just blue vanilla (which is clearly wrong). I thoughtfully ate a spoonful of blue goodness and told her it tasted like nostalgia with a hint of vanilla. Every time I eat that ice cream, I think of my Michigan roots, and all the times I have eaten it with friends and family. It brings me good memories and a taste of home for me. As you go throughout this week, I would encourage you to splurge. Buy and eat something that tastes like nostalgia, because it is important to remember the good times in our lives.

Yes, I ate this strait out of the carton. No, I am not ashamed.


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