Follow the Voice of your Father

Follow the voice of your heavenly father and remain on course. 

When I ran cross country in high school, I was a decent runner. I wasn’t the one who won the races, but I was occasionally in the top ten. I did have the dream that one day, I would win a race, but unless there were only three teams that competed, I figured I wouldn’t have a hope to capture first place. That changed the day I ran in the 2014 Frankenmuth invitational. When I ran in the meet, something clicked for me. I wasn’t on track to win the race, but I was on track to take 5th place, which I would have been excited to accomplish. I was gasping for breath the last half mile, trying to get my body to push just a little bit longer when the four other girls in front of me took a wrong turn. I am notoriously bad at directions, I have run the Frankenmuth course multiple times, and I still was not sure what to do. I thought I knew the right way, but the four other girls were confidently running in the opposite direction of the finish line. I was running, the split in the course was coming up, and I had made the decision to follow the other girls. However, my father had just gotten to the separation in the course, and he was frantically pointing for me to go the opposite direction then the other girls. He keeps saying, “Jess! This way! This way! They went the wrong way!”             I then grew even more conflicted. I know my father meant the best, but the other girls were running the other way, and if I chose wrong, I would be disqualified. I had to either follow the girls or take a step in faith and trust that my father was right. Remember, as all this is going on, I had already run 2 ½ miles and had very little left in the course to run. I was exhausted, I could barely breathe, and I had to make a decision. 

I chose to trust my dad, and that decided the outcome of this story.

     When I made my decision, I stuck with it, and with an extra kick of adrenaline, I finished the course in first place. I was in disbelief as I walked after crossing the finish line. Frankenmuth was my least favorite course to run, and I had just won it. My dad came over and gave me a big hug. I knew he was proud of me.             There are splits in the course of our lives. Every split is a time we need to make a decision. Do we listen to the voice of our heavenly father, or do we choose to follow the crowd? It can be scary and uncertain to follow the voice of the father because the crowd is often heading in the opposite direction. The finish line isn’t in that direction, though, and those other runners end up disqualified. It is up to us to make that choice for ourselves. In the race that you are running, what voice are you listening to?