You Can't Do Everything

The violin is a hard instrument to play. The scratch of rosin coated horsehair being pulled against a string taut with tension is just the start. This causes a vibration that if done incorrectly sounds horrible, yet if the action is performed with perfection, a beautiful note is produced. If this is continued, and when pressure is put on certain parts of that violin string, a melody is created. Vibrations, sound waves flowing from an object into the atmosphere, emitted, hitting everything in its path until the energy is transferred. Energy that for an infrequent moment existed inside the musician. Transferred into the instrument, following the first law of thermodynamics, never lost, just changed.

When I started to learn violin, I sounded terrible. Every time I pulled the bow across my instrument, the beautiful sound I was hoping to create instead rang out a frightening screech of incorrectness. I learned quickly that it takes a lot of practice to play the violin correctly, years of practice. I didn’t want to wait years to play beautiful music, I wanted to be able to play immediately. Life isn’t like that though, some of the most wonderful things in life take time and effort. Unfortunately, I am not yet a wonderful violinist, I still hit the wrong note every so often. Even after years of playing, my lack of progression stems from my inconsistent practice. If I had been disciplined in my practice, I would be a lot better than I am now, but I made a choice. I choose to have violin as a hobby that I go to from time to time rather than a life discipline. One thing I am learning is that I can’t do everything. If I try, I end up being mediocre at a lot of things, rather than good at a few things. Every decision is a choice, one that we make either unconsciously or consciously. So I must ask you, what have you been investing your time in, and should you be?


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