The Secret Memory

Have you ever taken a picture with a polaroid camera? They use to be popular back in the day, then we got digital, then it came back again. It's one of those weird retro trends.

The other day I was at a bible study with my soccer team. One of my teammates brought their polaroid camera, so we squished together to take what will be an epicly cute picture. After we heard a click and saw the photo emerge from the camera, we all huddled together to view the masterpiece. To our surprise and slight disappointment, we found not our smiling faces looking back at us, instead we saw nothing but a black background with a few lights spotted in it. Disappointed, the group turned away continuing on with their lives.

My teammate who brought the camera and I took one last long look at the photo. That is when a thought struck me, and I suggested looking at that photo from a different angle, with a different set of eyes. Sure, we did not get what we wanted or expected, yet we received a memory to save nonetheless. I suggested to her that instead of a visible memory, that photo is a secret memory, known only to the people present at that moment in time. No one else would be able to know what joy unfolded that night, and it doesn't matter if they do or not. That photo tells a story, one only we can interpret.

How do you deal with disappointment in your life? Do you let it be what it is? Or do you look at it from a different angle? What is your blank photo?


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