At a Glance

Gripping the steering wheel tightly in my hand, I glanced at the drop off to my right. A dream like view greeted me. I took in the seemingly bottomless valley covered by an ocean of clouds. Sneaking in a quick glance to the left I saw the tree covered peaks rising above the fog. Looking back at the road and reminiscing on what I just saw, I felt like I was driving on the top of the world. A surreal feeling surged through my veins, one associated with the awe of a moment. Have you ever flown on an airplane? There is a moment after take off when the person in the window seat can look out and see the plain rise through the clouds. Outside the window the world will be immersed in a thick fog, and then suddenly the plane will rise above the cloud level and you will see what can only be described as a sea of clouds. I have never witnessed that same event anywhere outside of an airplane accept during that drive. It was a majestic moment, one that I will remember for a long time.

What is the lesson in this? Creation is beautiful and unique. It can be tempting on long road trips to not look out the window and glance at the difference in creation (except when you are the driver). I am not saying glue your eyes to the window the whole trip, because there is nothing like a good long car nap. Just remember to take a glance every once in a while, you never know what you might see.


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