Pretty Because it's Broken

It is incredible to try to see the world through a child’s eyes. The other week I was with some extended family of mine on a lake. I was walking my goddaughter around the lily pads when she pointed to one specific one and said “That one’s pretty.”

Here’s the deal, this lily pad she pointed out was filled with holes, and was even missing a chunk. Yet, when my goddaughter looked at all the other lily pads that were perfect surrounding it, she noticed the broken one, and called it pretty. When she said that I looked at here and asked “is it pretty because its broken?” She nodded yes and smiled up at me.

There are a lot of points in our lives that we feel broken. We feel like we are missing parts that everyone else seems to have and we feel like outcasts. Yet, it is because of those flaws and cracks that we shine, in which we are unique.

Don’t be afraid to show your brokenness to the world, because the big trick is that everyone has broken pieces, some just choose to hide it.

God has always seen the beauty in our brokenness, and loves us no matter how fractured our souls might be, because he is the caulkthat will always fill in the cracks of our soul.

I encourage you this week to take a good look at all the things in your life that make you feel broken, and see yourself as unique and beautiful because of your brokenness, not despite it.