One of Many

When I was in Northern Michigan the other weekend, my family and I went to get Ice-cream. On the way, out, I saw this corkboard filled with business cards, and I thought it would be a good idea to stick a few of mine up there as well. Then as I stepped back, I thought it would be a good idea to snap a picture of it. It struck me as I looked at that same picture days later how my card is just one of many. One person amongst a sea of others saying “look at what I did, take one home.”

Think about it, take the time and process the fact for every business card you see there is a person or people behind it. It is an array of ideas, a mixture of people just trying to make it in the world. They are cards of people who can’t afford advertising, or maybe they can and just thought to put a card up. These are cards of businesses and services or like me: books.

Each of these business cards were thoughtfully orchestrated, each design mulled over hoping it might be eye catching. Behind each carefully chosen font is a person who chose it with their fingers crossed. Each business card unique, presenting itself to the world, hoping to be good enough to be noticed. Aren’t we as people like that sometimes.

As we walk down a street or post on social media, we are just people trying to make it in this life. Behind each smile is a mind of ideas, hopes and dreams. Most of us wish to be accepted by those we admire, and desire to be noticed. We hope that out of a sea of faces, people notice ours.

I have no advice to give, just this thought-provoking piece, and one truth to be said. No matter what you show to the world, or hope to get out of its people, God sees you. God sees each and every one of us as individuals, He sees your hopes and dreams, your desires and wishes. He knows each of us intimately, and even if people don’t always notice us or our business cards, He always will. Now isn’t that amazing?


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