The first time I used the word bittersweet, I was at my Uncle Bob’s house watching fireworks. This was quite a few years ago. I was sitting in a camping chair, and it had been a fantastic show, and then multitudes of booms filled the air as the grand finale started. For all of those who have attended a firework show before, just picture it: the show was slowing down, and like a tidal wave coming, you knew that the epic finale was about to start. As you sat back ready to be blown away, you were ready for the last hurrah of this show. That is how I felt in that moment. Then as if we couldn’t wait any more, the grand finale began. It is then that bittersweet popped into my head for the first time. I thought about how the grand finale is bittersweet, bitter because it means the show is almost over, but sweet because it is the best part. It was that thought that I told anyone who would listen for the next half hour after the ending of the fireworks.

Have you experienced finale stages of your life that you would define as bittersweet? I know my parents have, as they just moved from Tennessee to North Carolina. As amazing as new beginnings are, it also comes with the bitter price tag of something ending. As you go throughout your week, thing of the bittersweet moments you have experienced in your life thus far. Now, I’m not talking about the end of a firework show bittersweet, but the big things that still pop into your mind once in a while.

Take it one step further: think of all the bitter things in your life you have experienced, or are currently experiencing. Try to find the sweet in all those bitter situations. It might be hard to spot at first, and it might not be too difficult, but for every bitter thing in life, there will always be the sweet.

When we think about it, our lives are a mixture of bittersweet moments. Look at the bitter like dark, and the sweet like light. For every dark moment of our lives, there will be a light always shining, we just have to look for and trust that heavenly light. It is through God, and his everlasting brightness, that we can trust he will always be with us, even when it's hard to see. To sum it all up, trust God, always. For he will be with us in every moment, both the bitter and the sweet.


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