The Future

The evening was warm and calm, and sitting in the canoe I know this was the break I desperately needed. I was watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon line, and I stretched my arm out, reaching for the sun. It was almost like I could touch it, yet in my head I knew that could never be so. It was a memorable moment, so I whipped out my phone and snapped a picture. If I was a photographer, I would name that photo “The Future”. I would name it that because we always seem to be reaching for the future, wishing, hoping we could touch it. Yet when the end of the day comes, it slips away silently only to rise again the next morning.

Sometimes we forget to remain in the present when thinking about the future. We start to miss the little things that matter, getting absorbed in what could be rather than what is. The present can be a scary place to completely focus on, and without glancing at what the end goal might be we can lose our motivation to keep trying. But what about the times when you can’t see the future? When you feel like there is no hope? That is when you put your faith and trust in God. The sun in the sky leaves us constantly, where our God will never leave us. When we focus on him, and give whatever future we might have to him, then we can start living the lives we desire today, not tomorrow, and most definitely not in the future.

Spending our lives reaching for something that we can never reach is a life wasted. Live for today, live for the moment, and most importantly, live for God.


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