The Size Deception

Back when I was a small child, I would go to this camp every summer. At this camp, there was a classic yet unique playground my cousins and I would play on. That playground always seemed huge compared to our tiny bodies. We would have the grandest adventures, and made many memories I hold dear to this day. Flash forward quite a few years, and I find myself serving as a food service intern at that same campground. One morning before work I went out for a run, and I ran through the playground of my youth. I stopped to catch my breath under the monkey bars, and that’s when it hit me: this playground is not as big as I remembered. I could now reach up and touch the winding monkey bars that use to be so high. The slide that I would ride forever seemed so small with just one twist. It hit me that I am no longer this small child with small responsibilities, rather I had grown quite a bit in a number of ways. How everything that seemed so huge back then actually wasn’t that big after all.

Sometimes, when we are struggling through our problems in life, it can be hard to see past the size of the problem. To us in that moment, it may even seem too big to overcome, but given time and growth, we look back to realize that the issue was never that big after all. Can you look back on a problem you eventually overcame and see the true size of it? If you are struggling with the size of something, just remember the possibility that it’s not as big as you think.


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