The Storm inside us all

I love storms, always have. There is just something so terrifying and powerful watching day become twilight, lit only by the occasional flashes of light accompanied by the boom of thunder. The awe in seeing water pour from the sky. When I was in Montana last year, I watched a lightning storm and a sunset right next to each other. It was mesmerizing, to see something so calm and peaceful next to something so destructive and unpredictable. Eventually we had to leave the area due to the lightning storm heading to us, but it got me thinking. Don’t we all have that same sunset and storm inside us? Something beautiful and bright fighting something so dark and destructive? Are we not in a constant internal battle to which one, the sun or the storm will be shown to the outside world? We are all capable of peace, and we are capable of chaos, and believe it or not there is a time for both. The only thing to master is learning to control our inner turmoil. To find a balance between it all. What are you currently? The storm or the sun?


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