Oil and Water

Sometimes we tend to think of our careers and our faith as oil and water. A lot of employers enforce this concept. They can co-exist in the same jar, but they do not mix. Sometimes we can shake up the jar and it can appear mixed, but it was still just separate droplets in a jar; eventually it will go back to their separate areas. What that oil and water need is an emulsifier. To sum up some chemistry, when an emulsifier is added to oil and water, when they are shaken up, the oil and water stay mixed. We need to be our own emulsifiers.

We have a few main callings in this life. We have a higher calling, our number one calling to God. Then we have another calling, our career choices. As a college student, we are continuously defined by our majors, what we will eventually become. Career is life to us college students, it is the driving force behind our studying. Recently I was lucky enough to get involved in a ministry on campus, and I became a leader of the spiritual life ministries team. This team meets every other week, and just the other week we had our last meeting. At the meeting, we had some of next year’s new members join us. We all had to say our names, majors and favorite color. What astounded me about this moment is the enormous variety of majors in the group. There we were, a room full of ministry leaders, a room full of spiritual leaders, and a room full of variety. That was a beautiful revelation for me. To see how God is using these people, how God is using people’s talents and allowing a combination of their own passions and their faith to mix into a beautiful blend. We were dietitians, engineers, accountants, teachers, youth ministers, artists, and so much more. I saw in that moment how God was using the gifts he gave us to be spiritual leaders. It was a beautiful melting pot of abilities and passions all being given back to God to use.

In some careers, we are not legally allowed to express our faith, but we can express our kindness, our compassion. We can show our faith through our actions, and through that be a witness for God without even having to speak a word or break a rule. Faith is not the oil to our water; it should not be separate from anything we do. Instead it should be mixed into every single aspect of our life, just like 1 Corinthians 10:30 says: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (NIV).


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