Our Moments

It’s midnight, I’m lying in bed, trying to think if I’ve forgotten to do anything for the week ahead, when I suddenly remembered that tomorrow was the day I need to update my blog. My first thought was, “I need a deep theological thought.” In order to think of one, I began thinking of the week that I had just lived. What my mistakes had taught me, and if there was anything special that caught my interest. In summary, I had three exams last week and a few interesting assignments due that consumed my every waking moment. After those exams were over, I was blessed to spend time with my friends, whether it be rowing a boat across a lake or sobbing over a horribly sad movie together. It’s our experiences, laughter, work, and life that make up the living between the days and the weeks. Behind every moment there probably is a deep theological thought, a lesson we learn. It’s our thoughts, personalities, and past experiences that direct what those thoughts might be, what lessons we might learn. Take a moment to look back upon your week, were there any lessons to be learned or deep theological thoughts to be had?


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