This semester I became a co-leader of a ministry called Heart for Missions. The purpose of this ministry is to encourage students who have a passion for missions, whether it be overseas or down the street. It’s for any student, whether they want to go be a missionary, or if they just want to support people who are current missionaries. This past week, Heart for Missions had an event that simulated an underground church. We had QR codes with the saying “What would you do if you couldn’t worship freely?” under them. If a student scanned the QR code, it would give them the time and place of our “Underground Church.” We had it in this creepy small basement of a building on campus, and when the day came, my co- leader and I stood at the door waiting for students to show up. And show up they did. We had about 40 people attend and sit cross legged and squished in a small room. I opened the night with an introduction to what an underground church was and I read off the 10 most dangerous countries to be a Christian in. After that we had silent worship, we handed out sheets with lyrics on it and had about 8 minutes to silently worship our Lord together. Then we had a guest speaker, and she did an amazing job talking about freedom, and what it truly means to have religious freedom and what it means to be free in Christ. Finally, we had 5 prayer stations set up around the room, and we allowed the students to go and pray over the 5 most persecuted countries. The overall mood of the room was gloomy and spiritual, as we all absorbed the fact that religious persecution is real.

There were a lot of things that night that made an impact on me. I stood in a room, surrounded by 40 silent souls, whispering because talking too loud would “alert the authorities.” I prayed at each station, thinking of the thousands of souls that are not allowed to worship freely. I realized how valuable freedom is, and what a privilege it is to be able to worship openly. That’s my challenge for you today. Imagine that you wouldn’t be able to openly be Christian. Picture yourself in a country that you would need to sneak around, just to worship Jesus with others. What would you do if you couldn’t worship freely?


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