Unexpected Reactions

Something unexpected happened the other day.

I was working in the library; my shift was almost over before I was good to go. I had a glass bottle that used to contain tea I had consumed earlier in my shift. I went to set it down, and about an inch from the floor I lost my grip on it and it fell and broke. The person who was sitting by me was a little startled, not expecting to hear glass shatter. The first thing that I said was,“That lasted longer than I expected.”

It was an immediate reaction for me, the words just slipped out, but it was exactly what I was thinking. The person whom I was working by helped clean up the glass, and as I was about to leave my shift he mentioned something. He said how I had impressed him by my reaction to breaking one of my favorite containers. He said I must have a good perspective on things to think in such a way. He knew I liked that bottle, and that I used it often. I smiled back at him and told him that I was just impressed it lasted for a full year, I am kind of known for breaking things.

That interaction made me think.

Think that it’s in moments when we are the most unfiltered that we have the chance to impact people the most. That our reactions for the unexpected things of life are what people judge us by the most. It’s a pretty scary thought, isn't it? The fact that people are always watching and judging us when we are the most vulnerable. How do you react when something unexpected happens?


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