The Lessons we Learn

There was always a line and at the end of that line she sat. With her red pen in hand, she would wipe away our hard work on our hastily written essays. We all feared that red pen, and the extra work she would make us do to reword the scribbled out lines. No Filler! That was our teacher’s motto, and after every class we would walk out feeling defeated that we could not even write a good essay in a history class. We loved that teacher, overall. She taught my 8th grade class a lot of important lessons that someone can only learn from experience. But none of us, not one, liked her on essay days.

These past few weeks I have done a lot of revising on my book, and when I first started crossing out lines, I used a red pen. When I first did this, I busted out laughing as memories of her classroom filled my head. When that laughter faded my thoughts turned to reflection. It is incredible the lessons that teachers leave us with. The little tidbits of wisdom they leave on our hearts. Sometimes we don't like their wisdom, because it's hard, and we like the easy way out. Sometimes we don't realize the impact of their actions until years later. Whatever the case, teachers change lives every day. Their careers consist of building the future through empowering the next generation.

As I use the lesson I grudgingly learned from my social studies teacher, I am reminded of the importance to listen to the wisdom of those elder then us. What lessons did a teacher give you that you still use today?


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