When I was was walking to class, I accidentally dropped my ID badge for work. A kindhearted person stoped and grabbed it for me. In the haste of the moment I was able to mutter "thanks" before rushing off.

I don’t think we as people say thank you enough. We say “thanks” as if it is a mandatory thing, and the gratitude doesn’t reach our hearts. I am guilty of having that fault. I will just say thanks as a passing thought, and not take a moment to reflect the true gratitude of the situation. In any season, it can be so easy to say thank you to those we love and move on. Sure, we are all thankful. But it can make a real difference in someone’s day when we take the time to stop, peer into their eyes, and truly express our gratitude. I encourage you to do that this week. Try it out, see how it goes. Someone might just need to hear it, we never know.


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