The Alarm Dilemma

This previous Saturday night, I was having a digital dilemma. The struggle I have every night is what time I should set my alarm for. It was about 12:40 am, and I knew I had to wake up by 9:00 am to go to church the next morning. As the list of things I had to do flashed across my mind, I considered not setting my alarm at all. I considered sleeping in, skipping church, and using that extra time to get a jump start on my homework. It felt like a good idea at the time, but I knew in my heart that skipping church was not the best solution for my problems. So, with a sigh, I set my alarm and drifted off to sleep. When I woke the next morning, it was a mental struggle to get out of bed. I stumbled around like a zombie through my usual morning routine. By the time I had arrived at church I was fairly awake, and felt the energy of those around me. When we started worship, it was like God had given me an espresso shot of the holy spirit. I sang my heart out and it was a beautiful renewing of my soul for the week. The message was fantastic and left me with some deep thoughts. I talked to some amazing people and had the opportunity to have lunch with them after the service. By the time I was back at my apartment, I was so grateful I had decided to set my alarm the night before.

My generation loves acronyms, one of which is FOMO, which means Fear of Missing Out. Typically, this refers to a social gathering of some sort that they go to primarily so they don’t miss anything. I think that on the nights we are truly struggling to set an alarm, let our FOMO for church drive us to set it. Fear of missing out on an amazing sermon, or a breath-taking worship session. Even though it is not an easy choice setting my alarm every Saturday night, the experiences I have the next morning are usually worth it.


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