Don’t Give up on your Dreams

This past week I was setting up my bookshelf in my room, and unpacking the books I own onto it. In that pile of books I stumbled across a small green journal I had written in when I was sophomore in high school, four years ago. Flipping through it I laughed at the memories I had recorded and the thoughts I had at the time. Then I found this gem: a bucket list. One that I had written in 2014. The first thing I had written down was to write a book.

Back then I was young, and my world was confined to a small town in Michigan, writing a book was a near unreachable goal, one that maybe when I was much older and wiser I could achieve. Well I am not that old and not that much wiser, but here I am, with an amazing publishing company writing my first book. At that age, writing a book was just a distant dream, but today, it is very much a reality. What did you dream of as a child? Was it a distant dream? One that you thought you might reach when you were older than you are now? Well, there is no better time then today to make that dream a reality. It’s 2018, and I am calling it. This is the year of dreams. The year that our dreams might become a reality, but only if we believe in them and are willing to put in the work. It won't be easy, but it is possible. Today is a new year, tomorrow you can become the person who accomplishes their goals. Never give up hope, because today is the day you start following your dreams again.


I didn't spell that great back then...


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