Sometimes you have to do Something that you Hate, to Achieve Something that you Love

Think of someone in your life that you have always looked up to. When they give you advice, you listen to it, and remember it. For me, that has been my older brother. Adam has always looked out for me, from the moments I have taken my first steps, and even now when we live states away. This past week, my brother reached a milestone that will set him up for the rest of his life. This past week he graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences. Ready to start this exciting line of work, he was able to secure a job before he walked in the commencement ceremony. He loves the field he is going into, and he is so excited to start his new job on Wednesday. The funny thing is, Adam didn’t really want to go to college. After his first three days I think he thought about dropping out every moment. Throughout his 4 1/2 years being a student, I have to think he has talked about dropping out of college a countless number of times. He hated the assignments, the homework, the reading. He never thought the day would ever come where he would be done with school for good. He pulled okay grades the first two years, and the last two years his grades were great. For my brother, his academic journey was not just an uphill climb, but a steep cliff, one that required the upmost dedication not to fall from. In his struggles and triumphs, he has taught me yet another lesson that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. My big brother taught me what it looked like to never give up. He wanted to give up so many times, and even though the end seemed like it was never in sight, he keep trudging through the piles of endless homework. His journey encourages me every single day, that sometimes you have to do something that you hate, to achieve something that you love. The lesson that he learned the hard way, the lesson that still encourages me, and the lesson that I hope will inspire you as well. Adam, a brother, a scientist, an inspiration.  


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