The Conflict of Offerings in the Midst of Financial Difficulty

From the words of a typical college kid

I am not a theology major, and maybe I should have listened a tad bit better when my pastor was talking about the subject, but tithing has always intrigued me. When I started to research it, many verses came up. One that caught my attention was Genesis 28:20-22, it talked about how Jacob promised to give God a tenth of everything. As a college kid who watches the debt creep up every year, and seeing the savings go down, this is a hard concept to hold on to. For those of us who have jobs, it’s hard enough to look at our check stubs and see the amount of deductions and taxes taken out of it. Then look at the remaining money we earned and take another ten percent out of it! That is a hard concept to accept. I mean… we earned the money, right? We have groceries to buy, bills to pay, and a thousand other expenses ringing in the back of our ears. Ten percent doesn’t sound like a lot of first, as ten percent of ten dollars is just one dollar. However, ten percent of a thousand dollars is a hundred dollars. To me personally, a hundred dollars is a lot.

Now, to the point of the article, the reason I continue to invest my money in the church through a tithe. It is because without God I would have no reason to work. All my talents were given to me, my ability to work is given to me. I don’t see it as paying taxes to God, but a way to say thank you. A tribute to his faithfulness, his goodness and grace. To tithe is also symbolic to me. When I click the button saying submit ten percent of what I have earned, I am saying how I am trusting God. Even though giving Him this money means I might not be able to go to the movies, or buy many extra groceries, I do it. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make, because he sacrificed everything so I may live. It is also symbolic of how I am not putting my worth in what I own, but putting my worth in God. So, I depart with a little bit of my money a little each month to remind myself that a love of money leads to ruin, but the gift of grace leads to eternal life.

Now my decisions with my money are purely my own, and whether you tithe or not is entirely your own choice. But when making this choice, look to the root of why you made that conclusion. For your motives are only for you and God to know. Also, making the decision to invest financially is big, so go to the Lord in prayer. Lean on him in every decision. I must ask, what do you invest your money in?

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