It's The Little Things

The other day I was holding an apple in my hand. It was a green apple that came with my lunch of a large salad and a small bottle of water. I was sitting in my accounting class about to take a big bite of this crunchy apple, when two thoughts struck me.

The first thought was how loud eating this apple would be in class, and that maybe I should wait.

Then a second thought struck me, I was suddenly aware of the privilege I had in holding this apple in my hand.

This apple started as a bud on a tree, a bud that transformed into a beautiful white flower. This flower then died, but the base of that flower did not fall with the petals, instead it became a tiny apple. Then that tiny apple over the course of a month or so grew and grew into full sized produce. This apple that was teeming with life was then picked and thrown into a bin. It was probably put into storage for a while, until it was mass shipped, and somehow ended up in a shopping bag that contained the rest of my lunch. That whole long process for a small luxury that will provide substance for me for a day. That made me think of just how amazing God is, that if this much effort went into the fruit of the earth, how much more does God love and care for us than that. A verse that correlates with this is John 1:3.

“Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” (NIV).

Sometimes we can be so busy in life that we forget to see the small everyday miracles. We can forget the awe and wonder in the amazingness and power of God. I know I sure do. I encourage you to remember the small miracles of life, today and every day. Maybe this is just the future dietitian coming out in me, maybe I’m just over analyzing my food, or maybe in that moment I caught a glimpse of the power and majesty of God.


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