Know Your Team

This past weekend I went to a game night at my boss’s house. We played this game where you have two sides: spies and rebels. The rebels were the good guys and the spies were trying to destroy the rebels. Well, one game I was on the rebel’s side, and I knew who two of the spies were but I didn’t know the third. One person I suspected because he was acting edgy, so I told everyone I thought he was a spy. Naturally this made him think I was the spy, because unknowingly to us, we were both on the same side. So, picture this: this kid Brandon and I were accusing each other of being a spy the whole game and trying to convince anyone who would listen that we were right. It was a real shock to both of us that we were indeed on the same side, and that because of our incompetence, the rebels lost the game.

In the game of life, it probably won’t be as simple as a board game, but the same concept applies. My friend and I lost the game because we were so focused on proving the other was the spy, that we didn’t take a second to step back and realize that we were on the same team. When we as Christians choose to fight amongst one another and forget to take a step back and realize we are on the same team, we can miss opportunities to witness to others.

Are you finding yourself arguing with others on the same team?


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