The Best Adventure

"To be a Christian is a marvelous adventure." That is one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind this summer. This summer I was struck with wanderlust as I viewed the beautiful Montana landscape. I craved adventure, to go, to do, to live. I was struggling with the concept of a stationary existence, and many times I had the opportunity to go explore, to see more. Adventure was the anthem of my heart, the path I wanted to follow. In the strain to escape the ordinary, a thought shocked me. Being a Christian: now that is an adventure. No matter how many mountains I cross, no matter how many continents of the world I step in, it will never be as big of an adventure as serving God. You will never find as much satisfaction as that. That is all there is, it doesn’t matter how many times you climbed Mt. Everest, if you do not trust God. Crave adventure, dare to explore the unknown, but know that the greatest adventure of life is to follow the creator of the universe.


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