Listen and Remember

At the college that I attend, we have chapel twice a week. We usually start our chapel with some praise and worship, and on Wednesday we sang a worship song called Holy Spirit that was written by Katie and Bryan Torwalt, and recently covered by Francesca Battistelli. I have heard this song in many settings. I have heard this song in the churches I have attended. I have heard this song in a concert setting. I have heard this song on the radio in my car. I have listened to this song while studying. I have played this song on a speaker for 60 teens in Lodge Grass, Montana and I sang this song with at least 3,000 others on Wednesday.

It is an incredible thing to hear thousands of souls pour their love and devotion out for Christ while they sing, and it is an even more incredible thing to join in with their voices. While I sang this song with eyes closed, I kept flashing back to all the other times and people I have sang this with. I could almost feel the hardwood floor from that gym in Montana. I could almost see the flashing lights from the concert. I could remember the stage and pews where my church’s worship team sang that beautiful song. All this joy and love and the wonderful memories came flooding back as I sang for the Holy Spirit to come and flood this place, to fill the atmosphere.

As our voices harmonized with the lead singer, I knew that the Holy Spirit was there, among us, and that Christ was smiling down upon us. Us, the up and coming next generation, the church family, the teens, the concert goers: Us. If you haven’t heard this song yet, I would encourage you to go and listen. Let the words wash over you, and let your first memory of that song be born.


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